The Summit Sponsor Opportunity
Take this outstanding opportunity to showcase your business to professionals from around the world.

Discuss the package that is right for you with Barry Leggetter at or +44 (0) 7748 677504

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We understand the importance of delivering a return on your sponsorship investment. This is what sponsor packages at the INTERNATIONAL SUMMIT will deliver.

  • Opportunity for your company to have a profile at a global event.
  • Interact with leaders and decision-makers from across PR and communications.
  • Maximise your return on investment with tailored packages that promote your organisation before, during and after the event
  • Be associated with innovative thinking and high-quality debate.
  • Network through the Summit Exhibition in a special gallery area adjacent to the conference hall and at Summit events including the Summit Business Networking Fair to be held on Tuesday 14th June, the eve of the Summit.

Why you should come!

“Gorkana is delighted to be the Headline sponsor of this outstanding industry event in one of the greatest cities in the world. The Summit comes at a time of strategic importance for PR and communications professionals and when interest in research and measurement has never been higher.

“We intend to make the London Summit a highly practical opportunity for PR and communications professions to develop and influence the best practice of measurement and research globally.”

Jeremy Thompson, Managing Director, Cision EMEA and Chairman, AMEC.

Providing industry insights

“Ninestars has been the Headline Sponsor of the AMEC Awards at the AMEC Summit for a number of years now. We are proud to have the opportunity to partner with AMEC as we believe that they provide a good platform to facilitate customer engagement while also providing industry insights and trends from across the world”
Gopal Krishnan, Chairman-Founder, Ninestars Information Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Unparalleled Platform

“Being gold sponsors has given Talkwalker an unparalleled platform from which to lead discussions and keep pace with new trends and innovations.”

Christophe Folschette, Co-Founder and Sales Director, Talkwalker

Summit now the key event globally

“AMEC has been a driving force in establishing global standards for media evaluation at a time when disruptive change keeps challenging the industry. The continuous growth of the Summit, in size as well as in influence, is witness to AMEC’s key role in modern communications measurement. This is the main event globally for clients, research agencies and academics in this space, and not to be missed.

Thomas Stoeckle, Segment Leader, Global Media Intelligence, LexisNexis.

Why the Summit works for a sponsor!

“Being the Headline Sponsor of the International Summit in Stockholm in 2015 proved valuable to Retriever in many ways, in particular the branding opportunities, towards AMEC members and partners, clients and other target groups. As a major player in this industry and a leading member of AMEC, the sponsorship also served to reflect our engagement in shaping and supporting the future development of the industry.”

Robert Söderling, CEO, Retriever

International, Authoritative and Innovative

“Why does Isentia comes from the other side of the world to take part in the AMEC Summit? It’s the international, authoritative and innovative Summit for leaders in communications measurement and research. We measure the success of our attendance of the Summit through the learnings, ideas and client feedback we gain.”

John Croll, CEO, Isentia.

Headline Sponsor – Summit


Gorkana is owned by Cision, a leading global media intelligence company headquartered in Chicago. Gorkana is the UK’s leader in media intelligence. We connect organisations to critical information and insight to help them control and manage their reputation across all media platforms. In today’s fast-paced media landscape, our unique blend of smart technology and bright analysts give our clients a clear competitive advantage. For more information, visit or follow @gorkana on Twitter.

David Gadd, Head of Marketing
Tel: +44 (0)20 7664 0745

Headline Sponsor – AMEC Awards and Summit Dinner

Ninestars Information Technologies Ltd

Ninestars Information Technologies Ltd. provides smart, IP-driven digital content solutions to clients worldwide. We have over a decade’s experience in the digital content industry and understand the market needs, technology trends and changing user behavior. From digital clipping services to transcription, analysis, and multi-platform mobile apps, we have end-to-end media monitoring solutions.

Michelle Harold, VP – Global Sales
Tel: +34 91 127 8510
Mob: +34 638 52 15 75

Summit Sponsors

Braun Research, Inc.

We are:

  • Creative
  • Experienced
  • Solution-seekers
  • Relationship-driven
  • Leaders
  • Thinkers
  • Communicators
  • Execution strategists and designers
  • Visionaries
  • Focused
  • Fast, careful and accurate
  • We ask ourselves some basic questions on any project, in any country:

  • Who?
  • What?
  • Where?
  • When?
  • Why?
  • How?
    • Have a Target? Consider them Acquired.
    • Complex questionnaire logic? We make it Simple.
    • Running a poll on Saturday morning (or anytime)? Accessible 24/7, for any reason.
    • Multiple countries? Easy peasy.  Our expertise is all over the Map.
    • Committed to accuracy! We follow techniques and standards via AMEC, AAPOR, ESOMAR, CASRO, and MRA/CMOR

    Covering data collection to final data delivery, 24/7, since 1995!

    Paul A Braun, President
    Tel: +1 609 279 1600


    Buzzcapture is specialist in reputation management and monitoring national and international online and offline media. We make innovative technology accessible and in addition to our tools, we offer extensive services like strategy, (webcare) training, stakeholder and media analyses, crisis reporting, research reports and audits. Thanks to our close cooperation with media partners, we are able to offer a single integrated solution for national and international online media, social media, internal social media, print and RTV. The combination of innovative technology and a comprehensive service is what makes Buzzcapture’s services unique. Each client is assigned to a dedicated analyst who is an expert in the industry, who will answer questions and help with analyses and reports. In addition, we have an in-house development team which means we can respond quickly and ensure we stay one step ahead at all times.

    Alex van Leeuwen,
    Tel: +31 (0) 20 320 0377


    Carma is a global provider of media intelligence solutions. We deliver what matters, allowing our clients to make informed business decisions based on valuable, relevant and actionable insights from the media, whether traditional print, social, broadcast or online. With 13 regional offices and people on the ground in 41 countries over 5 continents, we provide media monitoring and analysis across all types of media. Carma conducts research of media coverage in all key geographies around the world and in over 80 languages. Carma goes beyond the usual charts and metrics for our 1,200+ clients, combining the latest, cutting-edge technology to structure big media data with a crucial layer of human analysis to provide meaningful and actionable insights. Our clients include PR and communications professionals in all industries in the private sector, governments and NGOs all over the world.

    Mazen Nahawi, Founder & Chief Executive Officer
    Tel: +971 4 356 4100

    Tom Vesey, Managing Director Global Analytics
    Tel: +44 (0) 20 8877 3314


    DataScouting is a service provider and software developer for Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) specialized in developing innovative solutions for media monitors, PR agencies, publishers, broadcasters, brand owners and market analysis specialists. Using technologies such as Optical Character Recognition, Natural Language Processing, Automatic Speech Recognition, Logo Detection and Data Mining, DataScouting provides intelligent solutions for managing and delivering of print and broadcast media. DataScouting can help you accelerate business growth and address business and technology challenges by designing, and building high quality, reliable and secure applications tailored to meet your business requirements. DataScouting is a member of AMEC, FIBEP and NEM.

    Sophia Karakeva, CMO
    Tel: +30 2312 201423


    Digital Nirvana

    Digital Nirvana has been providing knowledge management solutions for an increasingly media-centric world for the last two decades. Our solutions enable large volumes of data to be automatically acquired, compiled, and organized for analysis, troubleshooting and decision-making for Media Monitoring and Intelligence companies globally.

    Our services portfolio includes Media Analysis & Coding, Monitoring, Clipping & Indexing, Report Generation, Broadcast Logging or Summary Alerts, Transcription, and Media Content Management.

    Our broadcast media content acquisition and monitoring product portfolio includes MonitorIQ, CAR/TS, and Repeat Audio Detection Systems (RADS) for news, copyrighted content, songs, and advertisement tracking. Other services include market intelligence and analytics, learning management, and professional services.

    Our solution offers OPEX optimization for our customers and helps them focus on their core competencies.

    For more information, please visit

    Hiren Hindocha
    President & CEO
    Tel: +1 510 226 9000

    eMedia Monitor

    eMedia Monitor is an Austrian IT company, which has become a technology and innovation leader in worldwide Radio and TV Monitoring. Since its foundation in 2007, eMM provides monitoring services with excellent acceptance and recognition in the market, without any costly or time-consuming manual monitoring. All measures aim to consistently support technical innovations of broadcast Monitoring.

    Over the years the expertise of eMM has steadily grown to meet and exceed the challenges of high standards and technical innovations in a globally competitive environment. eMM is completely focused on quality and service to its partners, pioneering innovations like 24/7 real-time broadcast monitoring and analysis, speech recognition adapted to country-specific language characteristics, personalized automated real-time alerts (typically on average 25-30 seconds after broadcast), professional customer service, and technical support.

    Industries in the public and private sector across all business segments benefit from eMM’s powerful, scalable Media Monitoring products and services globally.

    Helena Gugumuk
    Marketing & Communications
    Tel: +43 1 581 2630 – 109

    Impact Research & Measurement

    Established in 2004, Impact Research and Measurement is a leading Media Intelligence firm in India. Impact conducts secondary media research to help companies analyse their media presence, and the impact of their media relations programmes. Impact is the only Indian company to have been granted full membership of AMEC. Impact is also a member of FIBEP and ABC, India.

    Impact offers media research, media monitoring & measurement services that cover exposures in Print Media in 50 Indian cities, Online sites & Blogs, Television and conversations on Social Media platforms. Impact’s customers have acknowledged their contribution in:
    • Demonstrating the importance and attention that communication, as a function, deserves in the corporate boardroom.
    • Evaluating the effectiveness of PR campaigns by analysing the media coverage
    • Benchmarking media image with relevant peers

    Aseem Sood
    Tel: +91 (11) 3093 3093
    Mob: +91 9899 111698


    Isentia is Asia-Pacific’s leading media intelligence company providing over 5,000 clients with information, analysis and advice 24/7/365. Isentia has 1,100 employees across 15 countries filtering information from over 5,500 print, radio and television media outlets and over 250 million online conversations per month. Our talented people, innovative search technology, comprehensive coverage and expert research provides the tools and insight to allow our clients to manage media relationships effectively, track and analyse issues of interest across all media, and discover and share valuable insights that drive smarter decisions.

    A publicly listed company since 2014, Isentia has become a global leader in delivering crucial business intelligence. Our reputation is built on our passion for client experience through providing highly relevant and personalised services. The evolution of our products sees today’s cloud-based, software-as-a-service solutions including the award winning Mediaportal platform, and services such as media influencer databases, social media and content consultancy and the media insight reports for which AMEC awarded Isentia the 2015 Communications Research & Measurement Company of the Year.

    John Croll
    CEO & Managing Director
    Tel: 1300 136 806


    iSolve is a full service provider to Global Media Monitoring companies providing End-to-End Content Management Solutions & Content Transformation Services including

    • Print, Online & Social Media Monitoring
    • Mobile Applications
    • Workflow Solutions
    • Big Data Analytics
    • Pre press & Digitization Services.

    An Overview

    • Handling more than 100,000 multilingual pages per day across Europe, Australia, Canada, USA and UK
    • Zero Licensee fee for Software. Pay for Use only.
    • 24 x 7 Operations.
    • Scalable for tomorrow
    • World class talent in Technology, Process Consulting and Service Delivery.
    • Certified PMPs, IT Security, DB experts.
    • Information and Data Security in align with ISO standards.
    • An exhaustive “Business Continuity Plan” to handle any short and (or) long term exigency across four different processing centre’s.

    Parthasarathy Rangarajan
    CEO & Managing Director
    Tel: +91 988 406 0352

    Srivatsan Chellappa
    Head – Business Growth & Service Delivery
    Tel: +91 893 983 2438


    LexisNexis believes that hidden inside the growing mass of news and social media content is the intelligence needed to make better decisions. We exist to help organisations access these data insights simply and effectively. Our media intelligence solutions derive robust data from rich content, and turns that data into meaningful and actionable insights. By sorting and categorising tens of thousands of reliable sources of traditional, online and social media, we empower organisations to quickly and effectively find the insight they need. This insight helps PR, marketing, corporate communications, strategy professionals and business leaders understand campaign effectiveness, assess brand reputation, conduct competitor intelligence, identify relevant global trends and issues, and enables them to make better informed decisions.

    Leela Hauser
    Director of Marketing, Media Intelligence
    Tel: +1 929 838 8781

    License League, Inc

    License League, Inc. was founded to facilitate the fair and equitable acquisition of compliant content from content providers on behalf of content users with a focus on simplicity and convenience. The idea is to create and evolve workable business models surrounding the actual use cases for content that respect the needs of the users as well as the providers by providing access to licensed content from 80 plus content providers as part of an aggregated feed, with one bill, without having to negotiate with all those publishers individually, License League provides not only convenience but a huge cost savings while fulfilling its core mission of supporting the creation of content.

    License League administers CAP (Compliant Article Program)®, a compliant content delivery channel which currently has 87 publishers participating representing over 2,700 titles ranging from the Washington Post to the Joplin Gazette, from Vogue to the Hollywood Reporter, as well as subscription newsletters such as Inside the FDA.

    Let us help with your publisher relationships, contact Dan Schaible for more information.
    Tel: +1 (415) 230-0271.

    License League Inc

    Media Distillery

    Media Distillery is an ambitious Amsterdam-based tech startup that develops technology to analyse audio and video content (including radio and TV) in realtime. We apply state-of-the-art data mining technologies such as speech, logo and face recognition to distil all relevant information. The synergistic approach of combining these different technologies provides highly accurate results.

    Our technology allows customers to get notified when their name, logo or face appears on radio, TV or online videos (soon). The Media Distillery platform seamlessly integrates with media monitoring partners that want to add RTV to their print and/or online coverage.

    Since the founding of Media Distillery, two years ago, we’ve become the dominant player in The Netherlands. Now we enter other (European) countries and offer you a chance to provide your customers with top-notch audio & video monitoring. The major European languages have already been added to our platform. Please visit us during the AMEC Summit for a live demo.

    Joost de Wit
    Founder & CEO
    Tel: +31 (0) 6 50 983 893.

    Roland Sars
    Tel: +31 (0) 6 47 238 773

    NLA Media Access

    NLA media access represents the intellectual property rights of major publishing brands in the UK media monitoring market. These include 2800 newspaper and magazine publications and over 2,000 web titles. The company also operates the eClips database holding over 70 million individual articles. Through licensing and the provision of database services, NLA enables businesses to access the news content they need in the most effective and copyright compliant way, and ensures that publishers are rewarded for their investment in journalism.

    Bob Johns
    Sales & Client Services Manager
    Tel: +44 (0) 207 332 9350


    Norstat is one of Europe’s leading providers of data collection. In 2014 the company had a turnover of over 250 million Norwegian kroner (approx 33.5 million EUR). We are a specialized data collector covering all methods – a one stop shop for data collection.

    Norstat conducts more than 5 million B2C and B2B interviews annually. Norstat owns one of the largest internet panels in Northern Europe, with more than 400.000 pre-recruited respondents. About 85% of these have been recruited via nationally representative telephone surveys.

    Norstat currently employs about 160 full-time employees and over 1600 interviewers. The company is established in several European countries.

    Norstat complies to ICC/Esomar Codes on Market and Social Research. Norstat Norway, Sweden, Denmark and our back-office functions that operate at group level are certified on the ISO9001:2008 standard for quality systems since 2011. Our online panels, project management and data handling policies are also covered by ISO 26362.

    Matt Reynolds
    Managing Director
    Tel: +44 (0) 20 3617 1142

    Prime Research

    From nine international offices and in over 70 languages, PRIME Research marries talent with technology to help communicators demonstrate and generate PR value and return-on-investment. The firm integrates, analyses and evaluates media performance across all channels – social, digital, print and broadcast – to deliver actionable insights and strategic guidance for better communications and business results.

    Staying ahead of an ever-changing marketplace takes skill and talent. PRIME Research’s executive leadership team brings a broad range of experience, education and expertise to give our clients operable insights and a deeper collective understanding of their business landscape.

    To each client project, PRIME’s management team applies subject matter expertise, critical thinking and applied statistics in conjunction with advanced tools to ensure high-quality execution, salient conclusions and achievable strategic guidance – on-time, within budget and with excellent client service.

    Find out more at

    Richard Bagnall
    CEO, PRIME Research UK & SVP PRIME Research Europe
    Mob: +44 (0) 7968 095769
    Tel: +44 (0) 1865 324 911

    PR Measured

    PR Measured is an independent consultancy to support the measurement and analytics community.  Launched in 2016, we offer an external perspective to help develop your insight product.  Supporting the business across the customer lifecycle, from acquisition to on-boarding and retention, we provide guidance on uncovering and delivering insight to PR and digital customers.

    PR measurement has never been more interesting nor more crowded.  The market is going through a period of rapid growth, with hundreds of organisations providing earned media and influencer analytics and insight.  Suppliers are forging new ways to understand the global impact of communication activities and the race is on to define ROI for PR and digital.  PR Measured supports your organisation through the chaos.

    Contact PR Measured to understand how we can help develop your insight business today.

    Liam Kelly
    Managing Director
    Mob: +44 (0) 777 1551633

    PT News & Analytics Inc., Canada

    Our company develops technology and provides analytics services for communication campaigns in areas of PR, marketing and media based on unique human-oriented methodology. Our methodology allows to combine intuitive estimates with many widely used communication metrics in one decision-making procedure.

    We measure organization’s priorities and target audience’s attitude based on the concepts of human values and preferences. We provide measurement and evaluation services throughout the communication cycle: planning, messaging, monitoring, measuring and managing. We consider social media as an integral part of the two-directional communication between an organization and its audience.

    Our technology provides your organization/company with competitive advantages by:

    – communicating content with consideration of various human perception characteristics (like forgetting curve, [7+/-2] rule)
    – observing high amount of content based on hierarchy of ideas and needs;
    – using comparative measurement (instead of absolute numbers)for measuring interest, trust, readiness to act, and even scent, taste and touch.

    Peter Tsykov, PhD.
    President, PT News & Analytics Inc., Canada
    Tel: 00 1 416 830 8396


    TAGFact Services Pvt Ltd

    TAGFACT provides coding, tagging and sorting services for print, broadcast and social media content across 12+ European and Asian Languages. With a proven business process framework, dedicated quality team, and flexible data deliver formats and timelines, we work closely with our clients to manually tag and code their content enabling them to draw insights, measure media effectiveness, manage their data repositories. Our clients work with us over and above their automated solutions for close to 100% accuracy.

    We are source and content agnostic and can work across providers and tools.

    Siddhart Bose.
    Vice President
    TAGFact Services Pvt Ltd.
    Tel: 00 91 9880 738724


    Talkwalker is one of the world’s leading social data intelligence companies. Its cutting edge technology provides actionable social media insights through real-time social listening and advanced social media analytics. Talkwalker helps marketers to prove the value of their social efforts and tremendously enhances the speed and accuracy of business decision-making.

    Talkwalker’s state of the art social intelligence platform monitors and analyses online conversations on social networks, news websites, blogs, forums and more, in over 187 languages. Its 1500 servers process 500 million posts from 150 million websites every day. Talkwalker’s unique social intelligence software was selected to become part of the Twitter Certified Product Program in 2014.

    The Talkwalker social intelligence platform is used by over 500 clients around the world, including Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard, Volkswagen, Benetton, and communications specialists such as Peppercomm, Publicis, Ogilvy and Weber Shandwick.

    Albane Flamant
    Tel: +352 203 335 3907

    The Measurement Practice

    The Measurement Practice helps clients maximise the value of their communications measurement and research.

    Our team of leading communications, evaluation, research and technology experts evaluate the effectiveness of clients’ communications, enhance the business value it delivers and inform ongoing communications strategy and planning. Our recommendations are both objective and practical.
    The Measurement Practice offers:

    measurement health-checks;
    • communication & business outcomes audits;
    • stakeholder workshops & staff training;
    • measurement programme scoping & supplier identification;
    • technology reviews;
    • data integration planning

    Totally independent of any measurement provider, TMP offers businesses and organisations truly objective analysis, which ensures relevant, pragmatic and strategic recommendations, designed to help clients achieve significantly enhanced ROI from their communications and research investments.

    The TMP team is headed up by Mike Daniels, ex-Chairman, and a founding Lifetime Fellow of AMEC, and a member of the IPR Commission on Measurement.

    Mike Daniels
    Tel: +44 (0) 7774 235767


    Founded in 2011, Ubermetrics refines and filters public information from online and offline sources to help companies optimize business decisions and performance. We’ve spent the past years developing technology to harness the power of massive amounts of public data and information so our users can quickly react to the needs of their customers, new opportunities, and fast-changing market dynamics.

    Our scalable technology platform handles multiple languages and processes data from more than 400 million sources in real-time. That’s why companies like BMW, Deloitte, DHL, Microsoft, Randstad, Danone, and Burson-Marsteller rely on Ubermetrics to inform their most critical decisions for use cases in the areas of Marketing, PR, Sales, Strategy, and Supply Chain Management.

    Eva Brüser
    Marketing Manager
    Tel: +49 30 609 857 500

    Summit Industry Sponsors

    Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR)

    Founded in 1948, the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) is the professional body for public relations practitioners in the UK.

    With over 10,000 members involved in all aspects of public relations, it is the largest body of its type in Europe. The CIPR advances professionalism in public relations by making its members accountable to their employers and the public through a code of conduct and searchable public register, setting standards through training, qualifications and the production of best practice and skills guidance, facilitating Continuing Professional Development (CPD), and awarding Chartered Public Relations Practitioner status (Chart.PR).

    The CIPR was granted its Royal Charter by the Privy Council in February 2005.

    Tel: +44 (0) 20 7631 6900

    Institute for Public Relations (IPR)

    The Institute for Public Relations is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit foundation dedicated to fostering greater use of research and research-based knowledge in corporate communication and the public relations profession. IPR focuses on research that matters to the profession, providing timely insights and applied intelligence that professionals can put to immediate use. Dedicated to the science beneath the art of public relations,TM IPR serves as a research aggregator, grantor, partner, interpreter, and convener.  IPR does this through independent projects as well as through some of our commissions and programs, including our Behavioral Insights Research Center, Social Media Research Center, Organizational Communication Research Center, and Measurement Commission. All research and publications are available for free to the profession at

    Tel: +1 352 392 0280


    The International Communications Consultancy Organisation (ICCO) is the voice of public relations consultancies around the world. The ICCO membership comprises national trade associations in 32 countries across the globe: from Europe, Africa, Asia, the Americas and Australasia. Collectively, these associations represent over 2,500 PR firms. ICCO provides a forum for senior management of the world’s best PR consultancies to meet and address issues of mutual interest and concern. Members work together to raise standards of quality, address ethical issues, harmonise professional PR consultancy practice, and share knowledge.

    The Local Government Association (LGA)

    The Local Government Association (LGA) is the national voice of local government. We work with councils to support, promote and improve local government. We are a politically-led, cross party organisation ensuring local government has a strong, credible voice with national government through a range of policy and communications activity. One of the key ways we support councils is by providing specialist advice on improving council communications – ranging from crisis planning and media relations, to digital and social media strategy. A key strand of this improvement work is to encourage better research and evaluation practices across communications activity and outcomes. For more information visit  and follow @LGAComms on Twitter.



    Founded in 1969, the PRCA is the largest PR association in Europe, representing 18,000 people in agencies, in-house communications teams, and individuals. The PRCA promotes all aspects of public relations and internal communications work, helping teams and individuals maximise the value they deliver to clients and organisations.

    The Association exists to raise standards in PR and communications, providing members with industry data, facilitating the sharing of communications best practice and creating networking opportunities.

    The PRCA represents many of the major consultancies in the UK, and currently has more than 350 agency members from around the world, including the majority of the top 150 UK consultancies. We also represent over 250 in-house communications teams from multinationals, UK charities and leading UK public sector organisations.